KDM Rice

5.0% max
14.5% max
Yellow Kernel
0.30% max
Paddy Kernel
2seeds/KG max
Chalky Kernel
3.0% max
Immature Kernel
1.0% max
Red Kernel
0.3% max
Milling Degree
Double polished and sorted
Average Grain Length
6.80mm max
This rice is high quality and has good fragrant after cooking.

Sản phẩm khác
Nang Hoa rice is our best sellling products in many year, is a kind of high-quality rice which is widespread cultivated in Vietnamese fields. 
Vietnam Glutinous Rice, also called sweet rice is a traditional kind of rice in Vietnam. Being planted and harvested everywhere in Vietnamese fields from mountainous areas to Delta areas, Vietnam Glutinous Rice has a variety of categories which are different in shapes, sticky and taste as well as cooking.
OM 4900 rice is silky and good smell after cooking, like Jasmine flower.
Long white rice is well millled and double polished , is growing in popularity in Vietnam. This rice has many vitamins and nutrients for good health. Various grade of long grain rice are as follows: 5% broken; 15% broken; 25% broken,100% broken. Please contact us for specifications for each kind of rice. Available size of packing: 10 kg, 25kg, 50 kg
The ST20 provides elongated, slender grains, pointy head shape, little curve at the end. When cooked, it is soft, has fragrance of pineapple and green sticky rice. Characteristics: Natural flavors, light aromatic Mild sweetness, aromatic, soft plastic magic The rice is still malleable, delicious once it cool Storage: To a dry and cool place How to Cook: Rice died on demand Wash the rice a few times with clean water Produced water in the ratio: 1 kg of rice/1.0 litres water Do not open the cover of the pot during cooking until after boiling is 15 minutes
Jasmine rice is one of our major products categories to satisfy the growing demand of customer. According our research, our grains contain 70% of protein (Not complete but when it combines with other nuts or seeds) and various vitamins such as Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, B1 and B3. 
Japonica rice (short or medium rice) is ranked as high-class rice due to its low starch and nutritious value. Because of the soft, sticky characteristic when cooked, Japonica rice is extensively used to make sushi and dishes in high-class restaurants and hotels. Specially, our japonica rice is cultivated and manufactured by ourselves. 
VD20 rice offers very similar nutritional value to medium grain or long grain rice, but it has different textural properties. Whereas long grain rice tends to hold its shape during and after cooking, short grain rice becomes sticky, making it a great choice for puddings and casseroles.