We have two rice factories:

- Long An foodstuff processing factory
- Tien Giang foodstuff processing factory

With store capcity: 10,000 MTS

- Milling: 10 – 12 tons/hour
- Polish: 10- 15 tons/hour


To ensure the standard "PURE RICE – HIGH QUALITY" Khanh Tam has controlled  right from the stage select a rice strain to procurement stages. After paddies are purchased will be processed into finished rice, was packed immediately into bags 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 50kg... With this specification will ensure rice always fresh, guaranteed quality and taste in every grain of rice. This will limit the entry of microorganisms and insect pests.
Nearly 20 specialty rice products from popular to high – end product, with prices fluctuates fascinating that will satisfy all our customers and especially housewives about of the price and quality of products.
Do not use artificial flavorings or preservatives, colour additives ensure natural aromanand natural colors of rice.
Do not use preservatives, plant protection beyond the permitted list. Nutritional quality in superior product compared to the same variety on the market. Products are ensured standards of Department of Food Hygiene and Safety.