• Khah Tam rice factory associated with 50 farm-houses to set up a specializing area 400 hectares in growing of rice at Trung Hoa Ward, Cho Gao district, Tien Giang Province; yearly output reached about 500.000MTS of paddy equivalent to 30.000MTS of rice.
  • Khanh Tam rice factory united local factories manufacturing and processing rice with systems of silos, driers, milling and processing machines to supply domestic and foreign demand thousands of metric ton at every time.
  • We set up 4 drying machines system with capability equal of 1200 tons raw paddy to dried rice (down from 30C to 15 C) per day.


Agricultural dryers pyramid method uses the channel "distribution of hot air" and "release wet air" placed parallel to each other horizontally, with reverse V-shaped cross section to take the hot air flow through the material the dried and remove waste water get out . Moist air is removed get out through the department after the dust settled, it is clean and does not affect the surrounding environment. Heat provide for dryers can take directly or indirectly from rice husk furnace, coal, oil, etc. .. or from a heater with radiators.